Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dr. Molly

Well, I made it through grad school. I am now Dr. Molly.

Not an MD Dr. Molly, just a regular Dr. Molly.

I think part of me will always feel a little bad that I am not MD Dr. Molly. 

You see, in undergrad, I originally wanted to be a marine biologist. This was before I figured out it wasn't all just swimming with dolphins. 

Once I realized that swimming with dolphins was unlikely to involve a salary, or lead to award-winning research, I felt a little lost. Then I decided instead of marine biologist Dr. Molly I'd be MD Dr. Molly. Specifically, an ER doctor. 

It would be pretty cool to save lives. 

All my patients would love me.

Okay, so maybe I was romanticizing it a little bit.

It's a lifelong problem. 

*For those who were with me back in 2011, I know I left off with me and Shayla in a tumultuous adolescence. What happened? Did we survive?? Tune in next time, for the continuation of our riveting story.