Monday, July 11, 2011

Cool Breeze Pool Hall

When Shayla and I were about 15, we learned something very important.

You could get your mom to drop you off at the mall, and then run across the highway to the Cool Breeze Pool Hall.

The Cool Breeze Pool Hall was full of the older, wiser men we wanted to date. We knew that our innate maturity would endear us to them.

While perhaps our bodies were fifteen years old, our hearts and minds were much older and able to handle mature matters.

We knew soon we would be recognized as women of the world, able to hold our own under any circumstance, ready for any eligible man who might decide he was ready for a real woman.

Unfortunately, all the men there were too blinded by society to see that we were diamonds, shining with all the attributes of a woman of older years. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

BFF 4ever: Adolescent Adventures, Part 2

One thing Shayla and I enjoyed- as did most teenage girls- was contacting spirits in the beyond, using our Ouija board.

Sometimes the encounters were creepy. Sometimes they were enlightening. And sometimes they just didn't make much sense in general.

Some say that playing with a Ouija board is an innocent game, but know that they speak ignorant lies. It is dangerous to contact The Beyond, and can cause much discord and violence. 

Jacob obviously left in disgust, because we never could contact him again. I left a toasted bagel on a plate in the kitchen overnight, and it was gone the next day, but Shayla in her naivete insisted it had been the cat.