Sunday, April 3, 2011

BFF 4ever!

Part 2: In which love and hate walk hand in hand

Shayla and I became "Best Friends" because we really had no other options.

Soon our "friendship" had morphed into mutual cruelty.

But, you know, better a mean friend than no friend.

I was jealous of Shayla because her family was rich and she wore expensive clothes. Expensive clothes were really a big deal in our part of Connecticut.

Ironically, the boy who teased me the most about this was from India. Or maybe that's not so ironic.

Shayla was jealous of me because my house(s) didn't have a room full of glassy-eyed, staring dolls. Her mom collected dolls.

One activity we really enjoyed was prank-calling. Shayla was a wizard.

Me, not so much.

But still, it was good to have a friend to call my own. 


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