Sunday, June 19, 2011

BFF 4ever: The Rebirth of BFF!!

Right. So I realize it's been forever since I've posted. But on the bright side, I can now formulate a null and alternate hypothesis, and calculate the P-value, for everything. EVERYTHING.

Anyway, when we last left our heroines, I had gone all metal...

And Shayla had fallen in with a very popular, high-achieving crowd, and I'd foreshadowed that bad things were to come.

Well, they came.

And then, Shayla was alone.

Miserable and furious, Shayla decided to get revenge the only way she knew how... 

Fed up, the girls went to a guidance counselor. She then performed a very sensitive and meaningful intervention.

A couple of weeks after, I was hanging around outside the school and saw Shayla, crying.

The whole story came out.

I had very little tolerance for popular girls.

I also had very little tolerance for being 13.

I expected Shayla to start crying again, or defend them. But she surprised me.

I was impressed by Shayla's nihilism.

And thus, a friendship was reborn.

On a side note, one of the popular girls won the presidency of our freshman year class the next year, by quoting Smashing Pumpkins in her speech. Her hair was dyed purple, and you could totally see her matching purple bra.

She was wearing blue fingernail polish.

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